An endearing artist, Marc BOFFIN is a rated artist, listed in the Dictionnaire des Artistes Cotés du XVe siècle à aujourd’hui (Dictionary of the Rated Artist from the 15th century to today).

Born the 17th October 1987, Marc BOFFIN has always been passionate about drawing. At the age of seven he takes evening classes at the Musée des Beaux Arts in Nancy. When he is twelve years old he starts painting, taking classes after school. Studying architecture and spatial design, he never deviates from his passion for art, especially painting.

A single word: LIGHT. It is she who comes up in the realization of a Marc BOFFIN canvas, it is she who grazes a body, highlights the contour of a face, an object. The delicacy of their gradients, the sharpness of the detail, the purity of these works allow them to seamlessly blend in any space, any interior, from baroque to modern… This also this artist’s aim, who uses his experience as a spatial designer to please the eye of the beholder.

“Baril Hermes”
200 L

“Baril Lamborghini”
200 L

“Astronaute Hermès”
130 x 89 cm

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