Johann Perathoner

This young artist from France has a compulsion to draw from an early age. Starting when he was only 14 years old, he’s been creating since the 2000s his own postal cards published in “Cartes d’Art”.

       Since 2015 he’s exhibited in numerous renowned galleries and his works can be found across the world. They depict three dimensional cities drawn in superposed layers in a very colorful and detailed naive style.

We find in the series “Window on the City” a deep desire to have an enchanted opening on big cities, thus contemplating a drawing as one contemplates a magnificient view.

New York City “By Day”

Limited Series

Paris “By Night”

Limited Series

New York City “By Night”

Limited Series

Moscow “By Night”

Limited Series

Hong Kong “By Day”

Limited Series

Jerusalem “By Day”

Limited Series

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