In collaboration with Vertigo, we’re bringing you wonderful works by Jeff Koons.

An American artist, living and working between New York, NY, and York, PA, Jeff Koons is renowned for his balloon animals built with steel and reflecting surfaces.

His works can quickly reach substantial sums, including a world record price for a living artist.

Jeff Koons becomes known in the eighties and quickly gains widespread recognition, allowing him to set up a factory studio in New York with more than thirty assistants. Nowadays, around a hundred people are working in his new 1500 m2 factory in Chelsea, New York.

His artwork is considered by some as a major step in modern art history.

“BALLOON RABBIT” signed by Jeff Koons
Limited Edition, numbered and signed to 999 copies.
28 x 21 x 14,5 cm

“BALLOON DOG” (Magenta) signed by Jeff Koons
Year 2000

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