Eric Mellerio

Eric Mellerio is a singular artist whose creativity knows no bounds.
Designer, jeweller, illustrator, this French artist constantly develops his style through various techniques for an extraordinary result.
The MIO International workshops are based since the 1st January 2015 in a splendid neighbourhood in western Paris. A 400 m2 area, at once office for creation, production and finishing, this astounding place gives another dimension to Eric Mellerio’s activities.

Grenade “Dream & Papillons”

 Finition Floqué

60 cm

“Funny Ostrich”

Limited Series

“Wall Gorilla”

Limited Series

“Wall Deer”

Limited series

250 cm

“Croco Skull”

Limited Series

“Cactus Love”

Limited Series

90 cm

“Gorilla Head”

Limited Series

58 x 38 x 34 cm

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